Not All

One thing that kind of ticks me off is when people say “All politicians are liars” or “all politicians are crooks” as a way of ending a political conversation, without saying “Except Bernie Sanders, of course.”
I suppose it’s understandable. Most people are far more concerned with tending their garden, playing with their dog, trying a new recipe, or planning their next vacation than they are with who become the leaders in our society. Also, throughout our whole lifetimes, we’ve seen nothing but politicians who were liars and crooks. It is, probably, well over 90% and the percentage increases the higher the office. There’s no doubt in my mind there are lots of well-intentioned people at the city council, or school board level, but even most of those burn out after a term or two of incessantly dealing with a crooked mayor and an indifferent governor.
This year, however, we have a chance to change all that. When you see someone posting a statement like “all politicians are liars,” even though they are probably a nice person and just trying to get back to posting kitty pics, you should respond with “Not Bernie Sanders” or the somewhat more aggressive “Show me one time where Bernie has ever lied?” If they say “All politicians are crooks” challenge them to show you any case where Bernie has improperly used his office for personal profit.
You can do it for most of the others quite easily.
Or maybe not. That might be seen as too confrontational. Maybe just keep talking about his policies, which will benefit everybody, and eventually they’ll come around.
Because he is not a politician like all others.

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