A little over a month ago, Donald Trump was found guilty of defrauding a charity. A children’s cancer fund. Now, it was the Donald Trump Foundation, and they did donate some money to charities, but there was a whole lot of skimming going on. Silly things, like he used the money to buy a portrait of himself, and a football helmet once worn by Tim Tebow, and some for more nefarious purposes, like paying off lawsuits, and donating it to his own campaign.
It was way illegal. There hasn’t been a ton of press coverage, I just found out about it on Facebook the other day. I’m sure at the time we were all obsessing over some tweet or another. Once upon a time, this would have been cause for impeachment all by itself. It would be cause for a public outcry, an old fashioned tarring and feathering. Certainly an eternal shunning by polite society.
It should, at the very least, be added to the impeachment charges. There are a couple of reasons for that. The greater the number of charges, the greater a chance for conviction, of course. Also, it’s just the right thing to do. You can’t allow politicians to just dip their arms into the cookie jar of cancer funding and not suffer any repercussions for it. That’s a terrible example to set.
But, perhaps most importantly, because it’s a financial crime, and that opens up the question of his taxes, and all the profit making deals he’s made as president, and all the profit-making deals his children have made while he’s in president, and eventually Trump, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jared will all have to pay heavy fines, maybe even do a little felony time, and they will have no electoral viability for every more.
Not that I’m holding my breath. But I think that’s what should happen.

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