More on the Winnowing

I just saw a thing, forgot the source and I’m not going to look for it, about how only 5 candidates have qualified for the January debate. Meaning Steyer and Yang would be out, and there would only be five candidates on stage.
Our man Bernie, lyin’ Liz Warren, Fingers Malarkey, Mayo Pete, and Amy Klobuchar, who is so insignificant she hasn’t earned a nickname yet but she apparently did O.K. at the last debate and I know one of my brothers likes her.
This would be a very positive development for Bernie if it plays out and I think it will. Yang is only one poll away so he could still pull it off but, although he wins a lot of online polls because his followers are all tech geeks and know how to work those things, in the real world he’s done nothing to expand on that base. Steyer is even less likely to qualify.
What I think is happening is this. The DNC, realizing Bernie’s popularity and scared shitless he could actually become president and end all the corruption which they love, flooded the field with candidates and came up with this rule that Super Delegates could vote if nobody got over 50% on the first ballot. With 10 or 20 serious candidates, they figured their chances of keeping Bernie below 50% on the first ballot were pretty good, in which case they’d just go into a back room, smoke cigars, and come up with some total lightweight corporate tool who they could call a ‘compromise candidate’ and then try to guilt the Bernie people into voting for them again, which wouldn’t work but at least they would have stopped Bernie and Trump isn’t going to stop them from having their corruption.
But, the flooding came too early and was too heavy and now the waters are receding and only four candidates besides Bernie are still standing, with more than a month to go before the first primary.
Four seriously flawed candidates.
Pete took a spanking at the last debate. Even though he’s not the only one taking billionaire money, he is now the face of it. He probably will never hold elective office again, but has a bright future ahead of him as a network pundit. He looks professional, speaks nicely, will say anything the rich overlords tell him to, and is gayer than Anderson Cooper. He’ll do very well.
Despite everybody bashing on Pete, when Elizabeth Warren tried it a bit of the mud spattered on herself. She’s the one I was most worried about but she’s slipping in the polls. I guess “Almost as good as Bernie, and a woman” was not a good enough theme.
Biden still has the problem of being old and senile and that’s not going to go away. “Don’t let him speak in public too often” is not a winning strategy and it can’t be maintained. Also, the Burisma thing. Everybody knows about that now.
Which brings us to Amy Klobuchar. I must admit, if we are just talking inside baseball, the winnowing is as good for her as it is for Bernie. Probably even more so as she was being almost completely overlooked. So, a lot of the ABB crowd may wind up gravitating toward her. However “I’ve passed three farm bills” doesn’t quite have the fire and passion of “I’m here to rip Monsanto a new asshole.”
We’ll see. The first caucus state is a farm state, and I think it’s going to go for Bernie in a big way.

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  1. John Roundtree

    I have heard some things about Bernie’s health scare and issues which leads me to believe its going to be a long stretch for Bernie. You may not like it but I still think Mayo Pete may pull this out.

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