Bernie on All Counts

There is a video going around, or at least it’s going around within the Bernie bubble, I’m not sure how much play it’s getting otherwise, of a focus group hosted by political pundit Frank Luntz after Thursday’s debate in Los Angeles.
It’s interesting, because 6 of the group (25 people) said going in they were for Bernie Sanders, but 14 came out as Bernie supporters. Quite a dramatic shift, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.
After one woman spoke, who said she’d come in supporting Amy or Pete but had switched to team Sanders because “he’s on fire” Luntz tried to divide the group up, saying ‘which is more important, communication skills or where they stand?’
He got plenty of good answers. The thing is, although centrist Democrats and their toadies in the media continually try to shift to something else when reality starts whispering ‘feel the Bern’ in their ear, Bernie keeps coming out on top.
Here’s the breakdown:

a) Communication skills, Bernie wins. He says the same things over and over, his language is specific and precise. He doesn’t ramble like Joe Biden or waffle like Warren or Buttigieg
b) Issues. Bernie’s got by far the best positions on the issues
c) Character. Bernie was the only person on that stage last night without any billionaire donors or significant scandals in their background, with the possible exception of Andrew Yang
d) Age. Age is experience, except with Joe Biden, where it is senility.
e) Experience Bernie has been a mayor (a fantastic, award winning mayor) a congressman, a Senator, and a working class person. Nobody up on that stage comes close to matching that
e) Electability. Of course Bernie is the most electable. You heard the lady. He is on fire.

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