Joe the Schmoe

Believe it or not, Biden’s statement that he would consider a Republican running mate was not the most damning, disqualifying thing he has said in the last couple of days.
Sure, anybody who is still a Republican at this stage of the game is somebody who has willingly supported Donald Trump for the last 3 years, is undoubtedly up to their ears in corruption, and quite probably has a kinky sex scandal involving underage boys lurking just below the surface of that reeking, festering swamp.
But it sounds a lot like ‘working across the aisle’ which a lot of people think is a good thing and he said he couldn’t actually think of one which, despite being further evidence that he actually has a severe deficit of data in his brain box, actually lets him off the hook.
No, the stupidest thing was, well, take a look at this video. Who in the hell makes $50 million a year clipping coupons? Sure, they have reality TV shows about how much people can SAVE by clipping coupons, sometimes hundreds of dollars at a time, but they are obsessed, work at it full time, and have day jobs as well.
Sure, people in the audience didn’t react. They are from Iowa. I grew up in Iowa. One common trait of people there is that they will politely ignore it if a person, particularly an older person, says something blindingly stupid. It’s just good manners.
But think of the general election. Every time we start to make fun of Trump because he said people flush the toilet 10-15 times, Trump supporters would be able to answer back “Well, yeah, Biden thinks people make $50 million clipping coupons.”
Any candidate who says something this stupid should be out of the race. Period.

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