Why Did the Blackout End?

It does, indeed, seem that the Bernie blackout is over, and this has led to a rash of speculation and paranoid theories. A lot of Sanders supporters seem to think that the evil forces within the MSM and the DNC have some nefarious plan up their sleeve. This could well be, and I certainly don’t think we should let down our guard. A game can change quickly, and kickoff is still a month away.
However, being a glass half full kind of guy, I have a different theory. There has been a lot of talk about how the billionaire class is terrified about Bernie winning, and they are certainly opposed to it. But, while a lot of people will die if they don’t get health insurance, and a lot of homeless people will remain homeless if Bernie doesn’t win, and the whole planet will go kerflooey, in other words, while a lot of us are fighting for our lives, the billionaires are not.
They will be slightly inconvenienced if Bernie wins and that’s about it. Not a one of them will stop being a billionaire. So, some of them have realized that Bernie is inevitable and they’re not willing to waste their donations on Biden or Warren or whoever. They will keep on buying Senators and Representatives and bide their time and come back to try and take over the government again in 2024 or 2028.
It’s like the scene in Logan’s Run (or was it THX 1138? I get those two films confused) where the hero is trying to escape the dystopian/utopian city and the computer is calculating the odds of stopping him and once he’s on the ladder that leads to the surface the odds dip down below 50% and the chase is canceled automatically. Below a certain point, it’s just not worth it for them to fight any more.

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