#I Like Bernie

It’s not really a surprise that Hillary Clinton’s nasty, little, backbiting remarks (“Nobody likes him”) were met with an absolute outpouring of Bernie love. That love of candidate, which is noticeably absent among most politicians’ supporters, is a major element in the Sanders phenomenon.
Also, Bernie’s core support skews young, and by extension internet savvy. And, boom, #I Like Bernie is the number 1 hash tag on twitter.
Also, it’s a great and natural slogan. It worked for Eisenhower, and the comparison between the two men is not far fetched at all. Also, it’s a very positive message, which is in keeping with Bernie’s political philosophy: promote your own programs, don’t talk about your opponents too much.
I admire that in Bernie, because I have a natural tendency to gravitate toward slightly more negative slogans, such as “Joe Biden is a senile old fart, and probably racist” and “Buttigieg was a shit mayor” and “Warren is a backstabbing fucking snake,” which are no less accurate, and I’m not sure which is more effective, but “I like Bernie” is far truer to his essence.
Bernie is a likeable guy. He tells self-deprecating little jokes, he seems perfectly comfortable with babies, and dogs, and cats, he played a long winded rabbi once in a romantic comedy, and he flies coach.
He would never get right up into a reporters face and start screaming, like Biden did.

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