October Faction

I’ve been looking for a new binge series for a while, on Netflix. I’ve been through all of the Star Treks except Discovery, which I’ve watched about 8 or 9 episodes of. Honestly, I’ve tried to like it. But, every franchise descends into boredom sooner or later.
I’ve caught a few episodes of The Witcher. It’s not bad, it’s watchable, but it’s not gripping me.
There are a couple I’ve watched in the last days I’m not sure about yet. A Brazilian thing called Nobody’s Looking, about angels on Earth, but one of them discovers that there is no God and the instructions are being pumped out regularly and so he can break the angel rules (appearing to humans, helping people who aren’t assigned to you, stuff like that) It’s got some funny moments, but it’s like supposed to be a comedy, or not, but it doesn’t have either the deep philosophy or the big laughs of The Good Place, so I might give it a couple more episodes, but maybe not.
Then there’s a Turkish thing called The Gift, which I watched like two or three episodes because I like the idea of people suddenly discovering they have powers, or seeing visions, but it’s basically a Turkish soap opera, where everybody’s rich and glamorous. So, that’s probably a miss.
Then there’s one I just watched the first episode of a few minutes ago, called October Faction. Average couple, except he’s white and she’s black, and his parents are like insanely rich and probably evil, and the couple work as super globe-trotting secret demon killers and like to smoke pot when their kids aren’t around, so there are long scenes of family introspection interspersed with almost comic book sensationalized violence.
I’m definitely going to watch some more of that.

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