Joe Rogan

My first experience with Joe Rogan was a program called Joe Rogan Questions Everything. He’d do shows on comtrail conspiracies and alien abductions and stuff like that. I liked it. He insisted on solid evidence, and explained a bit about logic and scientific method and what constitutes proof, but he wasn’t condescending and everybody got a fair hearing.
I knew nothing of his MMA background, and it doesn’t really bother me.
What, do we have some prejudice against martial arts now? Is that like the new NASCAR, where only conservatives are allowed to be fans?
This is such bullshit. First, somebody can like a sport that rednecks like without themselves being a redneck. Somebody can like country music without being conservative. Somebody can go to church without being a nutcase who’s praying for Armageddon and the end of times.
Besides, Jesse Ventura came out of wrestling, and I like Jesse Ventura. I think a Sanders/Ventura ticket could be kind of awesome.
Also, there is no indication I’ve ever seen that Joe Rogan is a conservative. He has interviewed Alex Jones, sure. He has also interviewed Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders. And people who have been abducted by aliens. He’s a damned good interviewer. If you’ve never checked him out, you should.
Third, even if a conservative person, a genuine redneck, were to endorse Bernie, we should probably accept the endorsement. I mean, not if they were like KKK, or something criminal, then no, but the average Maga Mike who’s had a change of heart, sure.
Fourth, it’s an endorsement. He’s saying he thinks Bernie’s great. That doesn’t mean that Bernie endorses everything Joe Rogan may have said or done, and it really doesn’t even give the press a good reason to speculate on that.
Fifth, all he said, the thing that’s got the trans community up in arms, was that trans women should not be eligible for women’s sports, because they’ve still got male size, and male strength.
I’m actually with him on that. If men are allowed to compete in women’s sports after a sports change, it’s only a matter of time until some do it for specifically that purpose.
I can picture the interview now: “Well, it’s not like I really wanted to be a woman, but my country wanted that gold medal real bad. Winning is everything.”

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