The Battle of the Supporters

They have no legitimate arguments against Sanders. They say he’ll raise taxes and we point out that that’s mostly on the rich, who are way undertaxed and can afford it anyway. They say his agenda will cost jobs in the health insurance and fracking industries, and we can point to all the jobs that will be created by a Green New Deal. They say he’s a socialist and we say “Democratic Socialist.” It’s a good thing. They say he’s old, we say he’s experienced. Then we show videos of him playing baseball, or shooting baskets. They say he’s too loud, and too angry, we say he’s impassioned. They say “how’s he going to pay for it all?” and we offer a link to where he clearly spells out how every single program will be paid for.
So, they say “I just don’t like his supporters.” Well, that hurts a little bit. I’ve never like it when people said to me “I don’t like you.” It’s a rather unpleasant start to the conversation. I want to be liked.
But, to be fair, if you’re going to vote for a candidate based on their supporters, you have to look at the supporters of ALL the candidates. I’m sure some of the people supporting Biden are nice people, but some are also greedy, parasitic billionaires. When you look at his crowds in Iowa, they seem like mostly nice folks. Nice folks who are about a million years old. Nice folks who have no chance at all of changing the world.
I’m sure most of the people supporting Warren are nice people, but most of them are women, and most of them are wealthy, and very few of them are interested in seriously changing the world.
I’m sure most of the people supporting Yang are cool people, and a lot of fun to be with at parties, if these are parties where everybody is earnestly discussing UBI.
Bottom line, some nice, decent people in all of their groups, and probably some assholes, too, because that’s the general breakdown of the human population.

But, I’m really glad to be a Sanders supporter, among other Sanders supporters. We tend to be an idealistic bunch, and a bit better informed than some others on the issues. Many are creative, and humorous. (we have by far the best memes) We come from all age groups, all races, all economic strata, all regions of the country. We’ve become friends, in an on-line sort of way, and some in real life. It’s a fun, interesting group of people. And welcoming. Come, join us.

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