The Bernie Sanders Who Lives in the Brains of Deranged Right Wingers

O.K., now they’re just making shit up. They can’t fight Bernie on the environment, because he’s right and everybody with a bit of scientific knowledge can verify this quite quickly. They can’t fight him on gay rights, because he was advocating for gay rights since before Barney Frank was out of the closet. They can’t fight him on Medicare 4 All, because all of the arguments – humanitarian, economic, ideological – are all on his side. They can’t fight him on economics, no matter how loudly they scream “Socialist!” because most people are totally cool with rich people and corporations being forced to pay some taxes. They can’t fight him on electability because he’s obviously the most electable.
They can’t fight him on anything that’s real, because he always wins. So, they’re wandering into the realm of fantasy, and fighting with him there. Chris Matthews, a ‘pundit’ for MSNBC, said (I’m paraphrasing) “if Bernie Sanders saw you injured and bleeding by the side of the road, he’d just walk on by.” That’s not based on any actual incident. It’s not even based on a reasonable assessment of Bernie’s character. It is totally made up and doesn’t even ring true. Chris Matthews is an idiot for even saying such a thing. But, he said it, and he has an audience of millions.
Then, Ben Shapiro, well known right wing nutcase, said “if Bernie had been alive at the time, he would have sided with the Russians in WWII, like back before the Russians were on our side” which is an important distinction to make, of course, because Bernie was born in September of ’41, and the Russians were fighting against the Germans by that time.
It’s a bizarre thing to say, since the entire paternal line of Bernie’s family died in the concentration camps. His dad was the only one who made it out alive.
So, Shapiro’s comment is not only wrong, and a really long way around to say “You know he’s a socialist, right?”, but pretty darned offensive as well.
If they’re going this far, what’s next? “If Bernie was at Hogwarts, he’d be fighting for Voldemort?” “If Bernie was in Star Trek, he’d be trying to negotiate with the Borg?” “If Bernie had been in Shakespeare’s fictionalized version of the Roman Senate, he’d have refused to stab Caesar in the back, and then where would we be?”

Matthews and Shapiro deserve nothing but ridicule for their ridiculous comments, and they should not be taken seriously in the future.

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