Vote for Somebody Else

It’s not so much what he says. “It seems your position on this issue is closer to my opponent’s than mine. Perhaps, if that is your sincere belief, he (or she) is the one you should be casting your ballot for” would actually be a cool thing for a politician to say. If he was being sincere and helpful.
I remember one of the schmaltzy old Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th St.?) where a department store Santa told a mother where she could find the toy cheaper and it resulted in a burst of good publicity and increased sales, the American dream.
But, it ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it, and it doesn’t sound like Joe Biden is not being sincere and helpful. It’s almost always in response to a question he’s having difficulty answering, and the response is usually accompanied, or closely followed by, Joe Biden turning and walking away.
Nonetheless, even if the advice is not given sincerely, even though Joe Biden’s “vote for someone else” means “go away, peasant, I don’t want to talk to you”, we should take it quite literally.
Vote for somebody else. Not Joe Biden.

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