Down Goes the Wall

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall – Robert Frost

A portion of Trump’s wall fell down today. It was under construction, the concrete hadn’t set yet, and the wind blew it over. It landed on the Mexican side, crushing some trees and closing a road for a while. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but that could, technically, be considered an invasion. An incursion, any way.
One of my Facebook friends, and I thought this was funny, was ranting and raving about how God hates the wall, and this is his revenge on Trump. It’s a sign that the whole wall idea is a bad one.
However, logically, there is no reason to blame God (who probably does not exist IRL) for this, when shoddy workmanship and bad planning are quite enough to bring walls crashing down.
Of course, officially the wind is to blame. The 37 mph (approx. 60 kph) wind. That is about half the wind speed of the very mildest thing that can be called a hurricane. 37 mph is a breezy day, but that’s about it. Until the wall fell on them, the trees weren’t even bending.
So, vengeance from a wrathful God or just a bad day on the construction site, it doesn’t look good for the wall.
One other thing that doesn’t look good for the wall: Bernie Sanders, in a bold move just ahead of the Iowa precinct caucuses, has announced that he will start his term with a bunch of executive orders, and one of them would be to stop construction of the wall.

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