Pete’s Latest Totally Not Cheating Thing

O.K., I suppose it really is time I stopped talking about Iowa and moved on. I’m not going to ‘forget about it’ like some people are suggesting, they would like us to forget any crooked thing the DNC does, but we need to talk about something else, there’s no more to be done or said about it at this point anyway, and Bernie did win Iowa, largely due to the vigilance and perseverance of Bernie’s Iowa people.
But, since it seems to have elevated cheatin’ Pete into an actual contender, it’s totally fair game to scrutinize the Blue Lives Matter former mayor of South Bend, Indiana a little bit closer. Which is why it’s so totally weird that he would do this thing here.

I mean, he must have realized that people would spot that, because Berner’s with computers following the election with the intensity of a computer game is a very real group of people, and kind of out to get him at the moment. Anyway, as per the link, he added applause in the studio, and then aired a little segment of a town hall speech as an ad. But, in the original speech, there had been no applause.
Now, TV uses that all the time, and canned laughter, it’s standard. But when you do it in a presidential election, that is super lame. Back in the days when people expected a bit of a higher standard from their politicians, that would have been disqualifying.
Coupled with Shadowgate, and the thing a while back where he said a bunch of people in South Carolina had endorsed him and they all said “Whoa, hang on there a second, guy, we didn’t endorse you, we never said anything even close to endorsing you and we’re not even sure we like you,” a pattern is starting to emerge. And it isn’t pretty.

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