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When I wrote my last blog, I was informed mostly by internet comments and the few highlights I’d seen. It wasn’t a bad blog, I just read through it and it’s all true. But, I just watched the whole thing, and there’s one part nobody’s talking about, but I think is worth mentioning.
Much has been made about Warren eviscerating Bloomberg, but nobody’s talking much about Mayor McCheat’s lowering the hammer on Klobuchar. It was good dirt, it needed to be said, and Klobuchar is finished.
When you have to say “Are you saying I’m dumb?” it’s bad. When you’re out among friends and say that, you might elicit sympathetic comments, maybe an apology, and Pete did back off a bit, like “I’m not saying you’re dumb, but…” and the thing was, she was caught being extremely dumb. Both uninformed and unintelligent. The back story: a couple of days ago, Klobuchar was interviewed by some Hispanic station, and the reporter asked her if she knew the name of the Mexican president. She said no.
Now, to be fair, I have to admit that I couldn’t remember his name off-hand, either. I had to google it. Same as Amy Klobuchar did.
But when the question came up, she didn’t say “I’m sorry. I should have known that. But, I take relations with Mexico very seriously and promise that as president I shall work closely with President Obrador to improve relations between our two countries.” Seriously, how hard is that?
But no, she says she just forgot, she says she made a mistake, of course she knows the name of the Mexican president, Lopez Obrador.
I watched the interview. That wasn’t the case at all. She didn’t know.
So, she’s kind of dumb, maybe, at least for a presidential candidate. At any rate somebody that doesn’t do a bit of research before a major interview. Not executive material.
But, worse than that, kind of dishonest. It’s not the incident that’s damaging. It’s the cover-up.

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