Poetry Reading/Birthday Party

Just got back from one of my regular poetry readings and it was a lot of fun, largely because it was also a birthday party complete with a very chocolatey, almost fudgey birthday cake which I was very surprised to find out, after I’d tasted it and praised it effusively, was vegan.
Costumes were passed around so I read as a bear, which I felt very comfortable with, and the mask actually distorted my voice to make me sound bear-like, or so people said.
There was some good stuff, someone read a poem about wanting to be re-incarnated as a bug and that was interesting and a big crowd favorite. A couple of love poems. A couple of birthday tributes. Almost all in English which isn’t always the case but there were a couple of Slovenian girls and they read stuff in Slovenian. One girl read a poem in Turkish, and she was also playing a very strange instrument, it was a keyboard but there was a tube she was blowing into so it was sort of like a bagpipe. One guy said he didn’t have a poem, just questions, and so that led to a couple of interesting literary discussions.
But, that used up everything I’ve got written. Must come up with something new, and shiny, for the next one.

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