Democratic Socialism

One percenter by birth Anderson Cooper just can’t seem to get the Democratic Socialism idea through his privileged little head. The first time I saw him interview Bernie Sanders was back in 2016 and Sanders corrected him on it three or four times in one interview.
And Bernie had to explain it to him again in a recent interview. Then Cooper said “You honeymooned in Russia.” Which is true, as far as it goes. Yes, Bernie and Jane were newlyweds when they went to Yaroslavl, along with 10 other people from Burlington, so it was a honeymoon, and kind of an awesome one for such a political couple.
It was part of the sister-cities program, which was started by Eisenhower and is an attempt to foster world peace and understanding. Kind of a weak and symbolic attempt, IMHO, but harmless and a small step in the right direction.
And then, in 1989, the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia abandoned communism. Does Bernie get credit for that? I’m kidding here. Bernie didn’t bring down Soviet Communism, any more than Reagan did with his speech in Berlin. It just fell down under its own weight.
But, the main point, the thing to remember, is that diplomacy with hostile countries is important. In fact, it’s the kind of diplomacy that matters most. If an American leader will only visit friendly nations, like Canada or France, they accomplish nothing.
And Anderson Cooper should take his unearned hundred million dollars to the Bahamas or someplace and stop infesting the rest of the world with his ignorance.

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