Debate Expectations

Of course, I’m expecting a good result from the debate Sunday night, but a lot of people on my Sanders pages seem to be counting on a full blown Biden meltdown.
I wouldn’t expect that. His handlers know a debate is coming, they are prepping, he may be fed the answers in advance, and he’s already been through several debates. There was the one where his eye was bleeding, and the one with the ‘leave the phonographs on all night’ speech. It takes a lot before regular newspapers will say anything bad about Biden.
But, this is the first time one on one with Bernie. A lot of people on Sanders pages are urging him to take off the gloves, to go after Biden hard, and damn, there is sure plenty of material, and I’m tempted to say the same. But Bernie has got as far as he has by being Bernie. Polite, diplomatic. Plain spoken. Presenting his own policies and forcing other candidates to deal with it. And he’s usually right to do so.
So, that’s what I expect. But, I’d like it if everybody who watches pays attention, not just to what the candidates say, but to their speech patterns. Is Biden in full command of a sentence from beginning to end? Can you understand all of his words? Are some of them mispronounced?
These are not the signs of a good candidate. These are definitely not the signs of a good president.

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