Sunday Morning Observations

I just went down to the store to get some things for lunch, because we really missed the boat on this whole stock up for two weeks thing. We may even be down to our last 10 rolls or so of toilet paper.
I was a bit surprised at what I saw. There were a normal number of people in the park, and the traffic was fairly light. On a Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. that is not surprising. In the supermarket itself, I did see one person wearing a mask, but there were no long lines of panicked shoppers. There were about 10 people in line when I got to the checkout and they opened another register, so I was 2nd in line.
The meat section and the dairy section looked a bit depleted, but not empty, and I found everything I needed without any problems.
Yet, the schools are closed till the end of the month at least, the borders are semi-closed, and the end of the world is nigh, if you watch the news.
On my way home, I noticed once again that people seemed to be outside, enjoying the sunny day, in roughly average numbers, and that most of the bushes have hard, little, bright green buds on them. In two weeks, Czechia will be a green paradise again.
Not trying to cause a riot, or even an argument. But, I suspect the whole Corona Virus panic thing is bullshit.

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