The big debate will begin in just a few hours, and I doubt that many people will read this. So, I’m whistling in the dark but I would like to urge all my friends in the U.S. to watch it. Especially my vbnmw friends, and family.
I don’t know if Biden’s going to go full on senior moment, that’s a bit too much to count on, but what you will see is this:
An articulate,coherent, well versed on the issues candidate vs. one who is not. I’m not saying Biden is stupid, in the same way that Trump is stupid. Trump was never smart. Biden’s brain is just deteriorating.
An honest man vs. a dishonest one. Biden’s told some whoppers in the distant past, and quite a few in the very recent past, but he’s on dangerous ground if he tries to pull that tonight. So, you probably won’t hear the Nelson Mandela story. But, you will hear him say many things, and some of them it’s easy to check.
An honest man vs. a corrupt man. No scandals in Bernie’s past.
And, above all, a progressive man vs. a mired in the past politician who is not a big supporter of Roe v. Wade and an active opponent of legal marijuana.
That’s what you’ll see. If you listen closely, I think you’ll hear it, too.

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