In some ways it’s been a rather productive day. We (well, Helena really) got my Rheets 2019 book finished and sent off to the publisher, so that will be available on Amazon soon and on Kindle shortly after that.
I don’t really expect anybody to buy the Rheets books, it’s not great poetry, it’s more of a writing exercise for me, but I put one out every year because self-publishing is so easy and I like saying I’ve written 23 books of poetry, rather than the 15 or so that it would be without them.
Then, I decided it was about time to put together my poems from the last 6 months or so of poetry readings to see if I’ve got enough for another book yet, and I am so, so close. Haven’t chosen a title yet, and I probably need another five or 10 poems to get it to a proper length, but I expect to get it done in a few days.
I decided yesterday that quarantine would be a good time to get some writing done, so that’s what I’ll focus on.
But, when I make resolutions, I often screw up immediately. I went to bed last night without writing my blog, which I do sometimes, intending to write it in the morning. But, even though I had nothing but free time this morning, I just forgot.
So, basically, the blog skipped a day. My bad. But the progress on the two books kind of balances things out.

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