I Am Mother

Saw a film on Netflix a couple days ago on Netflix that I thought was exceptional, and since I’m sort of depressed about the prospects of the human race right now, let me just write about that.
I Am Mother is the story of a young girl who is raised in an underground shelter by an android mother and told that all human life above ground is extinct. There are over 60,000 other embryos, so the obvious question is why doesn’t she activate a few more of them and give this poor kid some brothers and sisters, but maybe they did that just to save on actors and keep things simple and relatable
Then, a woman from outside shows up and the girl is torn between loyalty to her ‘mother’ and loyalty to the human race (which is, indeed, almost totally extinct, and hunted by omipresent and omniscient androids)
The things is, there are dystopian futures, and there are happy endings, and this seems to straddle the two.
I don’t want to spoil the ending with details, but the overall theme is that everything will work out all right and we will have a green, utopian world with a human race that’s been genetically engineered, by the robots we are building today, to be smarter and more ethical than our current lot, once they have killed us all.
It’s not really as deep a film as it could have been, but the paradox it brings forth is an all you can eat buffet of food for thought.

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