So far, personally, I’m kind of enjoying the quarantine. Of course I’m spending far too much time online and binge watching Arrow and The Flash, but I’m also getting a lot of writing done. My next book of poetry, which I’m calling “Every Day’s a Butterfly” should be done by the end of the week. I could probably stand to add a few more poems to it, but I’ve written a couple this week, and it’s pretty easy to slot one in at the last minute, so that’s going well. I’m also getting 8 hours of sleep every night, which actually feels great.
I’m sure that some people are making even better uses of the time. Some worse. That’s statistically inevitable.
I saw one meme on Facebook that suggested there would be a baby boom 9 months from now, and I think that is quite likely. People are together, in a close space, for a period of time, stuff happens.
Some families will bond, but out of the hundreds of millions of people who are under some kind of quarantine at the moment, it’s quite likely that there will be some murders and suicides as well.
It sure is making a mess of the campaign. Ohio has postponed it’s primary, and the legitimacy of the results in Illinois and Florida will no doubt be questionable.
There will be effects on the individual level and the societal level. It is something we all have in common, and will all talk about for years.

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