Failure to Blog

Gadzooks, I have been slack about writing the blog lately. Part of it is just depression, sadness that nothing I say makes any kind of impact whatsoever, which is true for all but maybe a dozen people of the world so I should get over it.
It’s not the corona virus, it’s not the quarantine. Although I do suspect that the quarantine may be just the powers that be testing their ability to force the public off the streets, preparing for a future Fascist world state, but I’m not bothered that people are putting up with it. In fact, I think it shows the good side of human nature, that people are willing to sacrifice a bit, even change their lifestyle temporarily, for the greater good.
It’s all these fucking vbnmw people who infest the internet like maggots on garbage. Let me explain one thing:
We still have the best candidate, a man who wants peace on Earth and a better life for all people, and you are supporting an addle pated, old war-monger who doesn’t give a fuck about the environment and has sworn to veto Medicare for All is he is president. In the middle of a world-wide health crisis, he has promised that the U.S. will remain in the medical dark ages.
So, I will continue to post pro-Bernie memes, and anti-Biden memes because, quite frankly, Biden sucks as a candidate, and as a human being. And when he says he’ll appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court, he probably means Kamala Harris, and she sucks, too.
And all of your condescension and gaslighting, which has been failing so badly since 2016, will continue to fail.
Because, win or lose, this is not a ball game. We are right, and you are so, so wrong.

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