A Prediction and a Suggestion

Let me get the political comments out of the way, so I can talk about something else. I am extremely disappointed in Tulsi Gabbard. Not because she endorsed Joe Biden, but because she didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders.
I am not at all surprised at the stock dumping scandal, nor at the fact that it’s AOC who exposed it. She is still awesome.
I am still pissed off at all the vbnmw people, and probably always will be.
But, let’s talk about the Corona Virus, or at any rate the world’s reaction to it. With all schools, public gatherings, restaurants, pubs and factories shut down, there is a lot less traffic on the roads and a lot less pollution going into the air.
My prediction is that this will result in visibly clearer skies, and people in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Mexico City and Beijing will see things clearer than they’ve ever seen in their lives. Mountains will suddenly appear in their view which were always hidden before.
Today is the first official day of Spring, but on a couple of recent walks in Prague, it’s noticeable how early actual Spring is this year. The Forsythia is in bloom, great walls of yellow, and daisies are sprinkled all across the green grass like sprinkles on a child’s birthday cake.
The irony is that, in all this resplendent resurgence of nature, so many people are indoors and will not even notice. Take notice. See if this quarantine isn’t good for the environment.
If it is, maybe it would be a good idea just to declare an annual two week moratorium on all industry, and non-essential travel. To save the planet, you know.

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