O.K., Joseph Biden has been the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for almost 3 weeks now, which should be an adequate time for vetting. I don’t think much vetting has been done in the mainstream media. All I know about Joe’s imaginary arrest in South Africa I learned from social media, but that and many of his other lies are well documented, from the plagiarism and lying about his grades in law school, to lying about his record on trying to cut social security, or about supporting the Iraq War. Lots and lots of frivolous, insignificant lies, and plenty of serious, intentional lies about policy. If you’re paying attention to social media at all, even just reading this blog, you know this now.
On his corruption, I think the media has totally glossed over Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma, focusing instead on Donald Trump’s role in it, which was to try and expose Biden by doing exactly the same as Biden – withholding U.S. government co-operation with the Ukrainian government. They also haven’t made a big deal out of his use of Super Pacs, because all candidates – except Sanders, of course – use those. Also, his brother James’ involvement in a for profit health insurance company which is currently under investigation. If you didn’t know about that, you do now.
As to his policies, everybody should know by now that he supported NAFTA and the TPP (which was not only a mistake, it’s one that disproportionately affects industrial states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio, and thus also speaks to your ‘electability’ argument), everybody should know by now that he’s vowed to veto Medicare for All, he supports fracking, he’s against the legalization of marijuana, and when it comes to reforming the criminal justice system, his records fairly screams ‘part of the problem!’
You know all this. To continue to overtly support Biden is to engage in a Brexit level of political malpractice.
There are still many states to vote. We are still in it. I urge you all to join us, or at least get out of the way.

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  1. Dennis Watson

    Someone commented on another post “If you support Biden you haven’t had enough Trump to pull your head out of your ass.” I think that’s pretty well put.

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