Terms of Debate

Plenty of people have objected to me constantly posting about Joe Biden’s obvious senility. “You’re damaging the Democratic candidate,” they say. “He’s the nominee, you have to get behind him,” they say. Neither of these things are true.
Ditto the last couple of days, when I bring up the Tara Reade accusation, that when she was a staffer for Biden he threw her up against a wall in the literal corridors of power and finger banged her, or any of the previous accusations of impropriety, or any of the videos where he’s being overly affectionate with underage girls, they say “Stop criticizing him, do you want Trump to win?” which is obviously a nonsensical argument.
The primary process is not over, we still have a choice between two people, and it is perfectly legitimate for those of us who object to Biden and support Bernie to be bringing up every negative thing there is about Biden, so that people won’t vote for him and Bernie can be the nominee.
If you, on the other hand, want to bring up negative stuff about Bernie, you’re going to have to find some first. His voting record is great. Solid pro-labor, solid pro-women, solid pro-environment, solid pro civil rights. He’s not senile, like Biden, he’s sharp as a tack. And there’s never been an accusation of sexual assault against him, credible or otherwise. And no corruption. Yeah, that’s hard to believe in Washington, D.C., but there it is.
If you think we should be all about positivity, well, I’m willing to debate you on those terms as well.
You should try saying something good about Biden. I’ll wait.

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