Last Man Standing

In cage fighting, paint ball and all of these Desert Island survivor shows, the winner is the last man standing. (I’m not 100% sure of that, never having watched cage fighting except in films, and never having actually played paint ball) It’s the rule in lots of sports. Sumo Wrestling, Limbo dancing, Dodge Ball. If everybody else is knocked out of the competition, then the one who is left is the winner.
It’s a logical rule, and a way to end things clearly and decisively. And that’s where we are in the Democratic primary. Biden had a couple of weeks of strutting around the ring, a little bit punch drunk, but with his refusal to debate, all of the sexual allegations, and (most important of all, imo) his clearly declining mental state, has been rendered unviable. It’s a TKO, at the very least.
Bernie is the last man standing. Now, we know that the DNC (in this metaphor, they would be the refs) hate him, and we know that the big money, cigar smoking, heavy betting gangsters who run these events (in this metaphor, that would be the corporations and the main stream media) hate him, but a lot of people in the crowd are crazy about him, he has taken punches from all the other competitors, and had the refs cheating against him from the beginning, but he has fought clean throughout and is still standing, not a mark on him.
Hand him the damn trophy, already.

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