A Dirty Trick

Well, the New York primary has been moved to June 23rd, which seems sensible, and they wanted to combine it with another election, so it should all be cool, right?
Problem is, the Democrats either had a strange rule, or made one up at the last minute, wouldn’t surprise me, after they shifted the debate requirements around so many times to make sure Tulsi was kept out but Bloomberg was allowed in. The rule is that any state which has their primary too late (which probably means ‘after June 22nd) gets their number of delegates cut in half. Since New York is a really big state, that severely handicaps the candidate who is behind and advantages the candidate who is ahead.
To use a sports analogy. It’s the 3rd quarter and Team A is leading by 9 points. Suddenly, the league rules change so that a touchdown is only worth 3 points and a field goal one.
I don’t know if it was deliberate or not. I don’t know if Cuomo was in on it or not. But I’m dead certain that if Bernie was ahead at this point, they would not even be thinking about invoking this rule.

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