Every Day’s a Butterfly

I was working on my next book of poetry today, called “Every Day’s a Butterfly” today. It should be ready in the next 3 or 4 days to publish (it’s on-line publishing, so it’s not that hard). By and large, I’m satisfied with the material.

But I did notice one whopping mistake. As I reread one poem, it seemed to me that the ending was inconclusive, and the ending of a poem is the most important part. It’s much more than the frosting on the cake. It’s the apples in the strudel. So, I was mulling over that when I started to proofread the next poem. Aha! Apparently what happened is the poem had spilled over onto the next page, I had misread the dangling last stanza as a separate poem and given it a title, and so I had to recombine them which makes the poem, and the book, one page shorter.
Maybe I’ll try to write one more poem. Maybe I’ll live with it.

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