What Will We Learn From Corona?

The Czech Republic has 39 deaths so far, and most people rate the government’s response as adequate. Even our totally crooked,

Bloomberg-esque Prime Minister has gained a little bit of respect. 39 deaths is a high number in a country this size, but the stores are stocked, the hospitals have, so far, not been completely overwhelmed.
The U.S., as I understand from what I see in the news (which must always be taken with a grain of salt) and also what I hear chattering about on social media (which also needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but I trust far more than major media – people babbling irrationally about what’s happened to them, vs. rich people with an agenda telling you the story they want you to believe) is far worse.

There is, of course, a 3rd way to gain information and insight, and that is scientific insight. For the sake of this blog, I am counting statistical analysis as scientific.

One thing that’s happening in the U.S. is that some churches are declaring themselves exempt from the quarantine, and continuing to hold services, with large numbers of people present. A lot of health experts are telling them they shouldn’t do that.
I see a silver lining.
Once this is all over, we’ll need some way to judge the effectiveness of the quarantine, to see if this self-imposed incarceration (which I’m not breaking and not suggesting anyone else break) was effective, was worth it.
Church goers are the test group. They are volunteering for it, nothing anybody else can do.

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