I don’t know what results will be announced from Wisconsin. Of course, if Bernie wins I plan to gloat about it, but if not the results are illegitimate. Of course, in that case, all of the Biden supporters, those people who are not terribly worried about saving the environment, or having a decent health care system, or getting money out of politics, or anything at all really because whenever you ask them what policy of Biden’s they like they absolutely cannot come up with an answer (it’s rather like Joe Biden himself when asked what people who’ve lost their jobs due to the quarantine are supposed to do) will be crowing and saying “See, he’s winning all the primaries, Bernie should just drop out now so we can get on with the process of nagging you into voting for our lame ass candidate for the next 6 months by calling you stupid and treasonous.”
In any event, the Supreme Court justices who voted to carry on with the primary, no points for guessing which justices, are endangering public health and, since it’s pretty much guaranteed that one side will say the results are invalid, the results are invalid.
One thing that the Democrats have proven beyond any doubt this primary season is that they are incapable of running a credible primary and probably (unless the nominee is Bernie) should not be entrusted with running the entire government.
Of course, neither should Trump, but the Democrats had lots of chances to impeach him and they totally screwed the pooch on that one, too.

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