I am heartbroken and devastated. The candidate who had a plan to convert the U.S. to a green economy, and get the carbon out of the air before it is too late has lost to the candidate who doesn’t think fracking is so bad. The candidate who is in favor of universal health care, which everybody can see after the events of the last couple weeks is totally necessary, has lost to the candidate who has promised to veto it. The candidate who inspired millions has lost to the candidate who inspires nobody.
The 2020 election will be between two Republicans and no matter who wins, the U.S. will continue on its slippery slide into right wing insanity. I won’t be voting for Trump, I couldn’t bring myself to do that, but if anybody thinks I’m voting for Biden, they’ve got another think coming. I said Bernie or Bust and I meant it. Neither Biden nor Trump represents me or even comes close.
While I will not be voting for Trump, I totally understand the logic of any Berners who do. If Biden wins the election not only is universal health care off the table for the next four years, but the Democratic party won’t even worry about it. They will make no effort to rein in the oil companies, or the banks, or the pharmaceutical companies, and a lot of their voters will be perfectly O.K. with it.
If Trump wins, we have another chance in 2024. My hopes are on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez now.
I still love Bernie. I will always love Bernie. He restored my faith in the American electorate and in the human race. That took a hit today. But we are not going away. Those issues are not going away. The struggle continues.

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