Why So Surprised?

I guess we all live in our own bubbles, to some extent. As a Bernie supporter, all I’ve been getting from Biden supporters the last couple of days (well, the last few years, really, but I’m talking about the last few days now) is how we must now unite behind Biden and stop saying any mean things about him.
I suppose if I was a moderate Republican, I’d be hearing all sorts of appeals from them now, too, because that’s a group they’re trying to appeal to, right? I don’t know. I haven’t heard from any moderate Republicans, and am not convinced they exist. Has the Biden campaign come out with anything, a statement or a policy, to try to attract them? I suppose that may come with his VP choice. I doubt very much that he will pick a veep who will appeal to Berners, just like Hillary didn’t.
In fact, I haven’t heard anything from the Biden campaign since Bernie backed out. Again, maybe I’m living in a bubble, but I haven’t heard any statement from Biden talking about how “my good friend Bernie has advanced a lot of important issues, which we take very seriously, and we are glad to have his support” Instead, CNN was lambasting the shit out of Bernie for not praising Biden enough in that speech where he said “Joe Biden is a decent man” and “I’m going to work with him.”
In lieu of official statements from Biden, what I’ve heard from friends is “You’ve really gone off the deep end now, Willie.” I haven’t gone anywhere.
I have stated repeatedly, emphatically, that I’m not supporting anybody but Bernie and anybody who criticizes me now for not supporting Biden just hasn’t been listening to me for the past several months.
Stop talking about holding my nose and eating a turd sandwich. Go try and appeal to some GOP moderates. You lost my vote ages ago.
Don’t sound so surprised.

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