I am seriously beginning to worry that soon I will arrive at the point where I have watched Netflix. I mean totally watched it, in the sense of having read a book, or seen a specific film.
Today, I just did a search on Science Fiction, because that’s mostly what I like, and I’d watched most of the titles (some of which were not science fiction at all). I went looking through them, and I couple I realized from the blurb that I’d watched before, and a few others I gave a couple minutes before realizing I’d watched them before.
I wound up watching one called Discovery, which was such a snoozer that I was well into it before I remembered having seen it before. It had Robert Redford as an aging scientist, but he was only there because there were no big stars in the movie, and they wanted somebody important in the credits. He wasn’t the starring role.
The idea was that he’d found proof of an afterlife, but the repercussions from that were kind of ugly, as suicide had become very popular. So, his son returns, I guess to try and get him to end his experimentation, and falls in love with a suicidal woman who thinks his dad is just great.
I don’t recommend it. Maybe 2 stars on a 5 star system. Up until the last 20 minutes, it’s just people talking, and then it’s just the son and the girl talking in a series of alternate timelines which, if that had been the whole movie and there had been a little bit of sex and action, maybe a few car chases or explosions, and fewer miserable characters being miserable in dark rooms and rainy exteriors, it might have been worth watching. The premise wasn’t so bad.

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