My Day, My Wasted Day

It is late, the end of a completely unproductive, stay at home day, as each day becomes more like every day before it than the day before it in an infinite regression.
I watched several episodes of The Last Kingdom, and the episodes are an hour long. It’s sort of historical, I justify it like that. I checked on Wikipedia, as I do. King Alfred is represented pretty close to historical accounts, but his nephew Aethelwold, who is presented as a drunken, womanizing fool, which is why he wasn’t the king, but in reality he was an infant at the time of Alfred’s coronation. Still got screwed out of being king, but for different reasons. The main character, Uhtred, had almost nothing to do with the historical Uhtred, who came about a century later and spent most of his time fighting Scots instead of Danes. Ubba was a real character, and some of the others. Some of the events, most of the battles, and the overall sweep of history, plus lots of super bloody fight scenes and unrealistically good looking people having sex makes for a great show.
Then, because I figure Sam needs a few history lessons and I can’t keep up with the math or physics he’s learning in school, we watched a film about Churchill, The Darkest Hour. Meh. Entertaining film, didn’t cover any new ground. And just now I’m watching my second Dave Chapelle comedy special in a row.
Talk to you tomorrow.

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