Four Choices

For the ardent Bernie or Bust person, there are basically 4 options open to us, barring Bernie Sanders re-activating his campaign, which I don’t think he’s likely to do.
1) Not vote. It is the popular choice. In the 2016 election, far more people didn’t vote than voted for either candidate. Almost as many people didn’t vote as voted for both candidates combined. 2020 might be even higher. Some people never vote at all. They say things like “I don’t vote. It only encourages them.” and “No matter who you vote for, the government always wins” which are kind of clever, fun things to say. You won’t be barred from the cool kid’s table for not voting, that’s for sure.

2) Hold your nose and vote for creepy old Joe. Not my choice. The way I see it, if Biden wins it will signal to the Democrats that they can nominate any old pile of shit, because that’s the way to win. They’ll never nominate anybody decent ever again. So, I’m not advising anybody to do that. I’m just listing the available options.

3) Write in Bernie. A healthy thing to do, a fuck you to the system. I’m sure it will make you feel good to do it. But, it doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

4) Vote Green. If they get over 5% of the vote, they get full ballot access in future elections. And if Bernie or Busters vote for them, they’ll be over that easily. And their agenda is, essentially, Bernie’s agenda.
So, if you like Sanders because of his positions, and I think that’s why most of us like him, Green is the obvious choice.

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