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In trying to find a topic for tonight’s blog, I tried really hard to find a topic that wasn’t Covid-19 or the American election, but as I scrolled through Facebook looking for inspiration, that’s pretty much all there was. I did see an article about dinosaurs, but didn’t bother actually reading it.
Dinosaurs are cool and all, I liked Jurassic Park, but I’m not really excited about the fact that new fossil finds have radically changed our view of dinosaurs, because it doesn’t matter. Our view of dinosaurs before was cool, and our view now, I’m sure, is cool. It was a long time ago and doesn’t affect our lives.
I’m also on a lot of poetry sites, but I don’t want to drag the arguments people have over there (rhyme v. non-rhyme, what is the purpose of poetry, just how much should you totally ignore the reader and keep on defending any old word salad you toss as ‘self-expression’ before you realize you’re writing absolute shit and should just give up, etc…
Also, since most people aren’t interested at all, any side taken in these debates is a subset of an already miniscule subset.
So, tomorrow maybe I’ll come up with a better topic. Now, I’m going to get back to ‘The Last Kingdom.’

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