Some Can, Some Can’t

Some politicians can get away with anything. Some can’t. Ronald Reagan is the first president I remember being referred to as ‘Teflon,’ but I’m sure this dichotomy goes back into the deep, dark depths of the past.
Clinton could get away with anything. That’s why they called him Slick Willie. His wife never had the same talent.
Donald Trump has the talent, big time. He just stands up there and spews out ignorant, racist bullshit and his idiot, racist fans love him for it.
In fact, most politicians who last have the talent, whereas people like Ed Muskie, Howard Dean, Michael Dukakis and Al Franken can have their political careers ended by a bad soundbite, an unfortunate image, or a bullshit accusation. In a heartbeat.
Joe Biden does not have the talent. He is where he is because the DNC and the press have colluded, up to this point, to say nothing bad about him. But, he’s getting a ton of shit on line and it’s not going to go away.

One of the reasons, I think, is a political technique I call the pivot. The good ones can all do it. If a reporter asks a question they don’t like, they’ll say something glib and then turn to something else, sometimes within the same sentence. Those politicians who can pivot well, do well.
But Joe can’t do that. When asked about the sexual allegations, he can’t shift to another topic. Why? Because he has no other topic. Bernie Sanders would have said “It’s all untrue, but let me tell you why we need Medicare for All,” because that’s his signature issue and he could talk about it all night long. Biden can’t pivot to the environment, or jobs, or reforming government, or reforming the justice system, or anything really because he’s been on the wrong side of these issues for his whole career.
So, he’s stuck answering questions about Tara Reade. Tough luck, Joe.

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