Two Movies

The highlight of my day was going out for a walk (masked, of course, and I kind of hate that, because it doesn’t feel free, but that’s just how it is) and I scared a pheasant out of the grass, and got rained on, just a little bit.
But, I also took advantage of yet another day of inactivity to watch two movies I’d never seen before, although they were kind of big when they came out.
The first one was Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, and Christopher Walken’s dad, and it was a great scene when Walken said to Hanks (who was an FBI agent) “I would never give up my son” and that just took me right back to the movie where Walken was on the other side of that issue, trying to get Dennis Hopper to give up his son.
The second one was Crazy Rich Asians.
I liked them both pretty well, kept my interest throughout, but neither one was exactly what I thought it would be (and that’s a good thing)
CMIYC was a bit slower paced than I thought it would be, and I thought he was going to be more like a super criminal, like impossible to catch and of mythic proportions, but the fact that it was based on a real case mitigated that a bit. He was just a kid when he started impersonating other people, his total crime spree was only a few years, and he almost got caught a few times. But, it was interesting. How he did it, how he got away with it, which, in the end, he didn’t, but he sort of did.
Crazy Rich Asians was more than just the romantic comedy I expected it to be. There was no cute meet scene, the film starts with them already being a couple, she just doesn’t realize how incredibly rich his family is. It was more of a family drama with a few quirky characters thrown in for laughs. And a tourist ad for Singapore. It was definitely that.

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