Vote For Bernie’s Agenda

It certainly doesn’t look as if Bernie is going to unsuspend his campaign, no matter how obviously unelectable Biden makes himself. This is a damned shame. But, he’s even asking Bernie delegates not to make a big stink at the convention, which kind of pisses me off.
But what if there was another candidate who was just like Bernie, who we could switch our allegiance to, somebody who is still in the race? Somebody who believes in a Green New Deal, who wants to put up more windmills and solar panels, build high speed rail all across the country, clean the air and save the planet, just like Bernie. Somebody who wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, just like Bernie. Somebody who wants Medicare for All (the lack of which is one of the reasons over 100,000 Americans have died from the Covid-19 virus) just like Bernie. Somebody who wants to legalize marijuana, and end private prisons, just like Bernie. Somebody who can speak coherently and doesn’t insult people at random, just like Bernie. Somebody who’s never had a sex scandal, a nepotism scandal, or a plagiarism scandal, just like Bernie.
It seems logical to me. As much as we love Bernie, the reason we were supporting him were those policies. Which means that, even though the candidate and those policies have diverged, we should, given a chance, continue to vote for those policies. Continue the fight.
And such a candidate exists. He is Howie Hawkins, of the Green Party.

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