What Follows the Apology

Colin Kaepernick, and all black NFL players and, in a way, the entire black race, has received an apology from the NFL. Both for ignoring their protests, which represents great progress on their part because it means accepting that black lives matter, and for keeping him from playing for the last three years.
I doubt that will actually translate into a job offer. He’s been sidelined for three sports years, which is like dog years. It’s a very long time. I suppose it could happen. There are good comeback stories in every field, and sports is no different but NFL Quarterback is about as elite a position as there is, and new ones come into the profession every year.
But, without that, it’s kind of a weak apology.
Anyway, I have a suggestion for how to avoid this ever happening again. Stop playing the National Anthem at sporting events. It’s sports. It’s not a Nationalist Rally, nor should it be. You don’t have to stand up for the national anthem if you go to a movie. You don’t have to try to sing along to the song that fewer people know all the words to than Auld Lang Syne before watching the strippers spin round on the pole.
So, just stop it. It won’t change the game one bit and it will help end the whole problem.

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