The Minneapolis Experiment

Well, it looks as if this is actually going to happen. The Minneapolis city council has voted to disband their police force.
On the one hand, this would seem to put the old argument between anarchists and everybody else, i.e. should we have any kind of a policing body at all, into the spotlight, right into the middle of the old Overton Window, which seems to shift as wildly as weather patterns, depending on the headlines of the day.
But, I’m sure it won’t be as radical a change as all that. Probably, the National Guard will continue to roam the streets of the city until a new police department can be formed.
It will be an interesting social experiment. That old anarchist v. everybody else argument always had a flaw (I mean in the whole debate, not in one sides argument or the other), which is that there was no example to point to, the social experiment had never been done. Not in modern times, anyway.
My guess is that fewer people will be shot and killed, or even harassed and imprisoned by the police, since there won’t be any police and the National Guard aren’t used to doing that. They’re more of a crowd control thing. How will they respond to people speeding, or not stopping at red lights? How will they deal with domestic violence?
Will we find we can get along without the police, or will we find that they are, in fact, a very necessary evil?
All I’m saying, at this point, is that this will be a very interesting social experiment, and I hope we can look at things scientifically and learn from what’s about to come, whatever it is.

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