The Police – Will They Be Missed?

I started writing this blog, several years ago, because I thought of myself as someone with clear, and alternative, positions on all issues. My opinion of my own opinions is not as high as it once was.
I have opinions on most things, it’s true. Many issues about which most people would not even bother forming an opinion, to be sure. But, they are often not as clear cut, or as original, as I once thought, and I often find myself conflicted, and questioning them, and seeing both sides, which I hate, because I think the people on the other side are assholes.
Over the last few weeks, I have said things like “abolish the police” and “we’d be better off without the police” so it might be a bit hypocritical of me to complain about the fact that a lot of them are resigning. (e.g. police in Atlanta) Might be.
But the reason so many of them are resigning is because suddenly (not so suddenly, the police killings and the BLM movement started long before Trump became president) they are being told that if they kill black people, or any people actually, they might be disciplined for it.
Which kind of calls my bluff. We are going to see, here and there, examples of what happens when there are no police.
Will there be a massive outbreak of peace, love and understanding? That’s what it seems that we’re seeing in CHAZ, but all it would take would be one serious crime to tarnish that point of view.
Will there be, as the cop lovers constantly threaten, an outbreak of lawlessness?
There is almost no doubt that some crime will continue to happen. Some people are criminals, and they’re going to keep on being criminals whether cops are present or not. Most people, I reckon well over 90 and close to 99%, are law abiding most of the time. They might occasionally drive too fast, or take a quick left turn where one is not allowed, if traffic is light and they’re in a hurry, but they’re not out to kill anybody, or steal anybody else’s stuff. Rapes happen, with or without cops, and sometimes by cops, so I don’t expect the stats on that to go up or down much.
I guess, as with so many other things, we’ll have to wait and see. But, now, we may have some test cases.

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