Poor Stacey Talbert

Stacey Talbert, of course, is the cop who posted a weeping video about not getting her egg mcmuffin on time, and was immediately and virally mocked. It was really very funny because, you know, she’s a cop, and she was actually sobbing, and while I, too, consider the egg mcmuffin to be a culinary delight, and might be a bit distraught if it were delayed, I would never start crying about it.
But, I just read an article about her reaction to it and, well, it could have been worse. She started off by acknowledging that some of the memes going around about her are actually funny. This was gracious of her, because I know a lot of the stuff I’ve seen, and some of which I’ve written, was kind of vicious.
But then she said (I’m not sure if these were the exact words, but this is the gist) “I’m tired of people looking at us the way they do and I wish things could go back to normal.”
So, I was ready to blog about what a horrible, out of touch, condescending person she is to cry about her hurt feelings while the police are beaing protesters, tear gassing protesters, pushing people to the ground and bullying them, and sometimes even murdering them.
But, then I thought, hey, she probably hasn’t murdered anybody personally, and I can understand that she’d probably had a hard day at work. Can’t really understand why she’d post in on-line, but different people are different.
A couple of days of being mocked and reviled by most of the civilized world should be enough.

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