My Short Medium Experiment

For years, my main social media outlet has been Facebook. I link to this blog on Facebook, so that people who follow me there can always find it. I also post a link to it every day on Twitter, but since I don’t think anybody follows me on Twitter, that’s kind of a throwaway thing. It’s also a writing exercise, since I compose my tweets as a rhyming couplet and, at the end of each year, collect them in a book, which I self-publish using Amazon, and nobody reads.
There have been other sites I’ve dabbled with. I respect Quora, but they suffer from the same flaw as Snopes. They are so eager to come up with one best answer, that the other answers get ignored, or pushed down the list very quickly. I suppose there is a reason for LinkedIn to exist, but it doesn’t do anything for me and the only reason I still have an account with them is that I can’t figure out how to delete it. I suspect that that (in the case of many sites, not just LinkedIn) is the reason they have so many accounts.
Anyway, about a week ago I decided it was time to try Medium, because that seemed to be a good place to get some more exposure for the blog, this blog you’re reading right now, at this very moment.
I was surprised to realize I already had an account, so getting started was easy. For about a week I added my blog each day to Medium. While there, I would sometimes read an article or two. Then, two nights ago, I saw an article which interested me, and tried to read it. “You have reached your limit of free articles,” it said. If you upgrade to a Premium Account, you can read unlimited articles. Well, I took an extra couple of clicks, because if an upgrade is free, I’ll go for it, but they got around to asking for the old credit card number pretty quick.
I suppose I could continue posting my blog over there, but if I can’t read other people’s articles, I’ve got no reason to expect them to read mine. So, my Medium experiment is done.
Although, I suppose I still have an account over there, with links to about a week’s worth of blogs. Because I don’t know how to delete it.

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