Trump’s Tulsa Debacle

Democrats are positively giddy about Trump’s poor turnout in Tulsa, and with good reason. He didn’t pack the arena, didn’t even come close, had to cancel the speech to the overflow crowd (something Bernie never had to do) because there was no overflow crowd, and all this after bragging that they’d given out a million tickets.
But, before the Democrats, or K-Pop fans and TikTokkers get too cocky, allow me to pour a bit of cold water. Just a bit. As far as Trump getting punked on the number of tickets distributed, I’m sure all Trump people who wanted to attend got tickets as well, and I doubt very much if they were turning anybody away at the door for lack of a ticket. So, your prank was funny, your prank led to Trump making wild claims, but I suspect it’s effect on attendance was negligible. A lot of voters are just suffering from election fatigue, and maybe some are being cautious about Covid-19. I imagine the phrase “Why risk it? He’ll still be running in October, we’ll see him then” was uttered in many a household.
So, that is actually good for Democrats. It means the enthusiasm of his raging hordes is dimming somewhat.
The other thing is that Joe Biden, also, has never filled a 16,000 seat arena. When he called that guy fat and challenged him to a push-up contest, there couldn’t have been more than 100 people in the room.
This might be a very unusual and interesting election. The candidate who can appear in public the least, and give the fewest speeches, is likely to be the winner.

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