Nancy’s Bad Day

It was a very bad day for Nancy Pelosi today. First, it was a good day for progressives as Ed Markey not only beat Joe Kennedy the XIV or whatever, he kicked his rich, DNC backed ass. Identity politics took a pasting.
Pelosi, of course, had backed Kennedy, because he has the looks, the famous name, and the complete lack of policy positions or concern for the voters that is so important to the Democratic leadership. Totally hypocritical, of course, as she’s been bashing any progressive who mounted a primary challenge against a Democrat, as if it were against the rules or something. And now she’s got egg on her face. Good.
On the other hand, shame about Alex Morse losing his primary. So maybe it isn’t totally a watershed day for progressives, but rather the old political rule: incumbents usually win.
The other thing is the great hair salon scandal. I hadn’t even heard about this until ten minutes ago, so it wasn’t the hair salon thing per se, but that her apology for it was so lame.
The deal was, she was photographed in a hair salon (which isn’t even supposed to be open, due to the Corona), not wearing a mask. I’m glad she’s drawing flak, because I see her as the enemy, but this doesn’t really strike me as a big deal.
Then, the apology: It was a setup. I apologize for falling for it.
It reminded me of Marion Barry.

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