The Overwhelming Amount

The murder of Daniel Prude is one of those black deaths at the hands of the police that I hadn’t even heard of until now, the steady drumbeat of one every couple of days in the news over the last several years has been so great. The police are saying there is no cover-up, they are investigating the incident thoroughly. But, he was murdered on March 30th. That’s plenty of time for an investigation.
The reason Prude’s murder is in the news now is that the family have finally been given access to footage from police cameras, and they are mad as hell.
Here’s the story from the New York Times, and here’s how I understand it: Daniel Prude was a crazy dude and that’s actually why he called the Rochester, NY, police to say “Hey, heads up guys, my brother just ran out into the streets and he’s kind of crazy and high on all sorts of drugs, I just don’t want anybody to get hurt” or something like that. I’m sure he didn’t say “Could you please come out here and murder my brother” because that is what they did.
When they found Daniel Prude, he was naked and being crazy and shouting up a storm so once they had him cuffed and all they threw a hood over his head. At which he freaked out a bit, understandably. Somebody puts a hood over your head, it either means they’re taking you to their secret hideout or they’re going to kill you. It’s in all the movies. He tried to stand, the police say he made a grab for one of their guns, but since he couldn’t see, they still had the drop on him. So, they threw him down on the ground and a bunch of cops were surrounding him with guns and that’s where I guess their predatory herd instinct, their primal racism kicked in.
One of them did the old knee on the neck bit and pretty soon he was dead.
Truly, I think the U.S. would be a better place if they just fired all the cops and started over.

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