Take it Away

O.K., cheat blog, it’s late and I don’t have much to rant about, so I’m just going to talk about a couple of programs I’ve been binge-watching lately. Away is just going to be one season, so I’ll probably be through with that in a couple of days. When I watched the series Mars, I used to think ‘this would be better if they left out the documentary bits’ and it’s like the writers of Away were reading my mind. Of course, in this one, they are on their way to Mars and not setting up a colony, but there’s still lots of science and life aboard a spacecraft, with a real flavor. Nonetheless, this is a prequel to all Star Trek prequels. I’m enjoying it. A good series for space nerds.
Also, I’m watching House of Cards. A lot like Scandal, I’d say, as far as level of darkness. Well written, well acted. I’m probably going to watch it to the end, but that, right there, is a sign that I watch too much television.

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